‘The Crow’ reboot loses Jack Huston, could gain Forest Whitaker


A few montha ago Jack Huston replaced Luke Evans in the role of Eric Draven in the upcoming reboot of The Crow, and as has happened time and time again, the film has now lost its lead as Huston has pulled out.

Variety reports that The “Boardwalk Empire” star was slated to take on the role originated by Brandon Lee in the 1994 film of the same, but had to drop out due to scheduling issues. “The Crow” is currently in pre-production in Wales.

“Jack Huston is unfortunately unavailable to continue with us on ‘The Crow,’” said director Corin Hardy in a statement. “‘The Crow’ is an amazing project, and I am grateful that we have the time and patience to get it right. We look forward to unveiling our new lead and starting to film over the next several weeks.”

Relativity Studios is backing the film, and is eyeing Nicholas Hoult and Jack O’Connell, among others, as possible replacements.

Relativity released its own statement about Huston’s departure. He joined the project this spring after Luke Evans (“Fast & Furious 6?) exited the production.

“Jack is a remarkably gifted actor, and we look forward to working with him in the future,” the studio said. “Corin Hardy has a tremendous vision for ‘The Crow,’ and we are working closely with him to continue prepping the movie and supporting him as he brings his vision to the bigscreen.”

Variety also reports that Forest Whitaker is in negotiations to join the cast, although his role is not known at this time. However, with discussions taking place for Whitaker to join the cast of Star Wars: Rogue One, don’t get excited just yet that he will be in The Crow.

Speaking of The Crow itself, creator James O’Barr revealed recently that in the new film the bird will speak to Draven, like it does in the comics. The idea is to bring the Crow to life using sinister stop-motion effects.

Corin Hardy (The Hallow) is directing the new film, which at the moment is receiving mixed messages from fans. The original film is a classic, and many are angry at it being remade, but the new film will shoot in Belgium later this year, with a cast of mainly British actors.

O’Barr also states below that he hopes the new film can be the start of a new franchise of his graphic novel, and should this remake be successful, the idea is to make further films in different settings and time periods.

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