The Soska Sisters announce new horror project ”Plastic’


The Soska Sisters, AKA The Twisted Twins, always get the team here at HCF excited, and any new project with their name attached is well worth shouting about.

If you have seen their impressive debut, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, their segment T Is For Torture Porn for The ABCs of Death 2, or their much improved sequel, See No Evil 2, then you will already have an idea of their horror powers. However, for a true taste of how masterful these girls can be when it comes to horror, then you must, and I mean MUST check out American Mary, it is one of the finest horror films to come out of the US in years.

Once you have seen any of the above mentioned films (which I am sure you have), then you will understand why Plastic is a horror project to get really excited about.

Not much is known about the film, and The Twins are currently in the process of promoting their new feature Vendetta, but a Facebook page has recently been set up to announce it as their next feature.

All that is on the Facebook page is a cover of the films script, and it states that Frank Strausser is writing. This hints that the film will be based on Strausser’s own novel Plastic, of which the synopsis reads as follows:

A celebrated Beverly Hills plastic surgeon risks everything to uncover the truth behind a crime, the disfigurement of an international pop star.

So, if you enjoyed American Mary, it sounds like Plastic is going to be right up your alley.



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