TV: Wanna see the new mask for MTVs ‘Scream’? Come on in then


I deliberately didn’t put the image of the new Scream mask as the header of this post, because I am guessing there are many out there who don’t want the reveal of the new mask given away until the TV series begins.

There are others who do want to see it, and thanks to EW, we now have our first (pix-elated) look at the Scream mask, and it is horrible. It looks like something out of a S&M porn film, and while I am happy they haven’t replicated the original mask from the movie series, surely they could have created something better than this?

You’ll find the first image below.

“The [original] mask is so iconic,” explains executive producer Jaime Paglia. “If you were to have that mask in a television series, but you weren’t following any of the characters [from the original], I believe that would be misleading the audience. It evokes some of the Jason hockey mask and the white Michael Myers mask, but it’s still first and foremost evocative of the Scream mask. It’s sort of a reinvention while also paying homage.”

“The new mask is cool and scary and takes the series into a new direction,” adds Wes Craven. “It also ties into the story, which I won’t give away.”


The series will center on a YouTube viral video gone wrong, which leads to adverse repercussions for teenager Audrey Jesen and will also serve as the “catalyst for a murder and opens up a window to the town’s troubled past.”

Thesps cast in key roles for the reboot of the Wes Craven film franchise about a murder spree among teenagers are Willa Fitzgerald (“Alpha House,” “Royal Pains”), Amy Forsyth (“Torment,” “Reign”), John Karna (“Premature,” “The Neighbors”), Carlson Young (“Key and Peele,” “The Kroll Show”) and Amadeus Serafini.

Willa Fitzgerald as EMMA DUVAL – a classic beauty whose looks and popularity hide a natural shyness and intellectual nature. Her new life with the “in crowd” leaves her estranged her from childhood best friend Audrey.

Bex Taylor-Klaus replaces Amy Forsyth as AUDREY JENSEN – the daughter of a Lutheran pastor, Audrey is an artsy loner who aspires to be a filmmaker.

John Karna as NOAH FOSTER – creative computer genius with a vast knowledge of pop culture and the tech world. Best friends with Audrey.

Carlson Young as BROOKE MADDOX – charismatic leader of the popular crew whose personality vacillates between bubbly sweetness and ferocious sex appeal.

Amadeus Serafini as KIERAN WILCOX – the mysterious new kid in town, Kieran’s got a dark side and a tough exterior that hints at experience beyond his years.

Scream premieres on 30th June.

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  1. While I don’t HATE this new mask’s look, I don’t necessarily LOVE it either. If Wes Craven is a fan of it, and it happens to look this way for a reason; I GUESS I’ll accept it. For now..
    Well written up post as always 😉

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