Ah haaa! Watch out for the ‘Lavalantula’ in this official trailer


Ah SyFy, you continue to feed us these wonderful monster movies, and we continue to love them. But what will they think of next? Surely combining a Volcano with a Tarantula is as far as it can go?

Nah, there’s plenty more ideas, so bring them on I say!

Mike Mendez, the chap behind the truly wonderful Big Ass Spider, directs Lavalantula, which premieres tomorrow night on SyFy. The cast for the film is a bit of a Police Academy reunion:

Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy), Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy), Michael Winslow (“Police Academy: The Series”), Marion Ramsey (Police Academy), Nia Peeples (“Pretty Little Liars”), and Ralph Garman (KROQ DJ). Mike Mendez directs.


Giant lava-breathing tarantulas – Lavalantulas – erupt out of ancient volcanoes in the Santa Monica Mountains, raining death and destruction upon Los Angeles, in the new Syfy Original Movie Lavalantula.

With the City of Angels on the verge of incineration, only a washed up ‘90s action hero actor, played by Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy, Diner) — joined by Police Academy alumni Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy) and Michael Winslow (Police Academy: The Series) — stand in the way of this monstrous swarm of bloodthirsty creatures who burn their victims alive.





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