First look at Slash produced horror ‘The Hell Within’, and it needs your help


After producing the atmospheric horror Nothing Left To Fear, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash is back producing a new horror called The Hell Within, and a crowd funding campaign has been setup to help the film.

The campaign has just released a first look at the new horror, and it certainly looks intriguing.

Here is what Slash said about his reasons for producing the film:

I love creepy, haunting stuff. I don’t go for psycho movies really. But I love monsters and scares that are more cerebral. I love practical effects that make those monsters seem more real on screen. When I read the script for ‘The Hell Within’ I knew it was the right project for my taste. It spoke to my horror sensibilities. And a story I know horror fans will dig as well. – See more at the campaign.

The film is directed by Dennison Ramalho (ABCs Of Death 2) and written by The Midnight Meat Train scribe Jeff Buhler. Slash and his SlashFiction banner will produce.


The Hell Within follows a woman from New York on a quest into the heart of the Brazilian jungle to save a missing girl, only to discover that the child was just the beginning.

MARIE and her husband DAVID live a charmed life in Manhattan. He’s a successful environmental attorney and she’s built an international aid organization that helps families in need across South America.

The only thing missing is a child.

When they start receiving disturbing phone calls from TERESA, a young girl in Brazil pleading for help, Marie can’t shake the feeling these calls are connected to her charity. She convinces David to travel with her to Rio to locate the missing girl and soon a series of strange events and a shocking suicide lead them into the heart of the jungle.

Marie and David find themselves isolated in Seringal, a village overrun with drug runners and lost souls, steeped in ritual and superstition. And as David falls ill to a mysterious disease, Marie begins to realize that the missing child was only the beginning of “The Hell Within”.




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