Giallo themed horror ‘The Editor’ gets new trailer, full US release details here


Sadly there are no release details as yet for here in the UK for what looks to be a terrific Giallo homage, The Editor, however the film will be released in the US by Scream Factory.

The full details of the US release, including bonus features, have been revealed by Scream Factory in a press release. What’s even more exciting is that the announcement comes with a superb new trailer!

The Press Release:

A loving tribute to the gory and gruesome erotic horror of classic Italian giallo cinema, The Editor spins the twisted tale of a once-prolific film editor who becomes the prime suspect in a series of murders haunting a seedy 1970s film studio.

Directed and produced by Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy, this stylish horror comedy became a festival darling after its world premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, going on to earn audience and critical acclaim at festivals across North America including the San Francisco International Film Festival and the Fantasia Film Festival.

Making its Blu-ray and DVD debut on September 8, 2015, from Scream Factory, The Editor comes loaded with bonus features, including an audio commentary with Adam Brooks, Connor Sweeney, and Matt Kennedy; a brand new “Making Movies Used to Be Fun” documentary; deleted scenes; music and poster featurettes; and more! Fans who pre-order their copy from will also receive a free collectible poster.

The Editor stars Paz de la Huerta (“Boardwalk Empire”), Samantha Hill (Bad Meat), Laurence R. Harvey (ABCs of Death 2), Adam Brooks (Manborg), Matthew Kennedy (Father’s Day), Conor Sweeney (ABCs of Death 2), Tristan Risk (Dark Continents), and Udo Kier (Borgia, Blade).

ASTRON-6 presents A Kennedy/Brooks Inc. Film. The Editor is written by Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks, and Conor Sweeney; special effects by Emersen Ziffle, Steven Kostanski, and Aftermath FX; featuring music by Claudio Simonetti, Carpenter Brut, and Jeremy Gillespie; executive producer Andria Spring; associate producers Jerry Wasserman and Kevin Ascolillo II; produced and directed by Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy.

Rey Ciso (Adam Brooks) was once the greatest editor the world had ever seen. Since a horrific accident left him with four wooden fingers on his right hand, he’s had to resort to cutting pulp films and trash pictures. When the lead actors from the film he’s been editing turn up murdered at the studio, Rey is fingered as the number one suspect. The bodies continue to pile up in this absurdist giallo-thriller as Rey struggles to prove his innocence and learn the sinister truth lurking behind the scenes.

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary with Adam Brooks, Connor Sweeney, and Matt Kennedy
  • “Making Movies Used to Be Fun” Documentary
  • Music and Poster Featurettes
  • Astron-6 Film Festival Introduction
  • Deleted Scenes




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