Here’s the nail biting first trailer for ‘Beasts of No Nation’ from director Cary Fukunaga


OK, so it may not be horror, cult or sci-fi, but dammit if Cary Fukunaga is in the directors chair, then it damn well deserves a mention here!

Fukunaga (Sin Nombre) won me over with his masterful directing skills on True Detective (if only he had directed the second season) and so ANYTHING with his name on is going to get me excited. The fact that his new film, Beasts of No Nation, is a hard hitting story starring the great Idris Elba only heightens my excitement.

The Netflix distributed film has caused controversy because it will be released on Netflix the same day in the US as it hits cinemas, on 16th October, and due to this many cinemas have boycotted the film.

Netflix have just released the incredibly tense first teaser trailer, and it is stunning stuff, but hard to watch, and even more difficult to breathe. It’s a stunning tease for what looks like another masterpiece from Fukunaga, and yet another dominant performance by Elba.

Cary Fukunaga writes and directs the adaptation of the novel Beasts of No Nation, written by Uzodinma Iweala. Idris Elba leads the cast, which also includes Ama Abebrese and newcomer Abraham Attah.


Based on the highly acclaimed novel, director Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts of No Nation brings to life the gripping tale of Agu (newcomer Abraham Attah), a child soldier torn from his family to fight in the civil war of an African country. Idris Elba dominates the screen in the role of Commandant, a warlord who takes in Agu and instructs him in the ways of war.


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