If you really want to see Cary Fukunaga’s ‘It’ adaptation happen, you can sign this petition

Horror fans were devastated when Warner Brothers, New Line and director Cary Fukunaga fell out over Fukunaga’s adaptation of Stephen King’s It. If anyone had the skills to bring this story to life, it was Fukunaga, but sadly his years of dedication to the project have been wasted.

The director clashed with Warners and New Line over his vision, and he did not want to compromise over budget cuts, so Fukunaga quit a few months ago. Sad news indeed, but there might be a way to fix it?

Dedicated fans have set up an on-line petition, and the aim is to get 1000 signatures, and then this will be sent to New Line and Warners, in the hope that they change their minds, and give Fukunaga what he wants.

Whether it will make any difference remains to be seen, but I guess its worth a shot. It seems to ridiculous that a director who spent five years working out the best way to bring King’s It to the big screen, can be easily tossed away by a big film company because they do not want to meet the budget needs.

It would have been huge, and Warners and New Line have missed a trick letting Fukunaga go.

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