Latest trailer for Hideo Nakata’s ‘Ghost Theater’ is all kinds of scary


A brand new trailer has just been unleashed for Hideo Nakata’s (Ringu, Dark Water, The Complex) latest journey into terror, and if you are brave enough, then check out the awesome trailer below.

There aren’t any subtitles, but a new synopsis has been discovered which gives a little more detail on what looks like classic Nakata material. Few Japanese directors, or any directors for that matter, can conjure up the sort of atmosphere Nakata can, so I have extremely high hopes for this.

Ghost Theater (Gekijo Rei) has just sold to Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei courtesy of Red Pictures LTD, so here’s hoping a UK deal is struck soon.

Nakata is revisiting his roots with Ghost Theater, inspired by his 1996 horror Ghost Actress, made before he filmed The Ring franchise, which kicked off a worldwide interest in J-horror.

While Ghost Actress followed a vengeful spirit that drives a movie crew to insanity, Ghost Theater is set in a haunted playhouse.

The cast includes Haruka Shimazaki, Rika Adachi, Riho Takada, Keita Machida, Ikuji Nakamura, and Mantaro Koichi. The film haunts Japanese cinemas from November 21st.


A young actress, Sara, who lands a leading role in a major play, soon encounters bitter rivalry amongst her fellow cast members which escalates into out-and-out hatred. Strange things start happening at rehearsals and Sara begins to investigate a very real and menacing threat.




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