SCREAM TV: Ep 5 “Exposed”! Hughesy witnesses a truly awful 40 minutes of a show that is forgetting its fan base!


Scream TV: Episode 5



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I can forgive one episode without an appearance from Ghostface, but two!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scream TV sank to a low depth this week with a poor episode that bored the crap out of me.  I simply have no words to describe how dull I found this whole affair and for the first time since the show began I found my mind drifting and not really paying attention to what was going on.

Everything was just too damn predictable!  For a start it was as expected that Will and Jake were behind the blackmail of the Mayor all because it seems he murdered his wife?  Yawn!

The Gale Weathers of this adaptation Piper, revealed to Emma that the reason she does what she does is because her Dad was murdered when she was just a little girl and the police never caught his killer.  Yawn!  Please, please, please don’t make it that simple.  As soon as that back story came from her mouth I believed that her Dad was in fact Brandon James and she is vowing revenge on Emma and her family.  Double Yawn!

Please MTV make it more exciting in the finale and give us the viewer something unexpected.   I really don’t want to get to the end and see that as a motive.

Last week we got an ending of a sex viral clip between Emma and Will getting leaked to the entire school.  Now the whole charm of Sidney Prescott is that she sort of done the right things in Woodsboro.  Yes she slept with Billy Loomis for one dumb moment, but every fan wanted her to survive and fight back at whoever was under the white mask.  Emma offers no sympathy like that for me.  How can you start an episode seeing yourself being talked about in school thanks to that clip, find out it was all for a bet, but then end the episode, having sex with someone else…OUT IN THE OPEN…WHERE THE KILLER COULD BE LURKING!!!!!!!!!!!!………

There is dumb and stupidity, but sorry Emma, you have taken it to a whole new low!

Surprising though when the episode did grab my attention, my experience of Scream made me doubt a few new people.  I have already commented on how that back story of Piper was an odd moment, but I am also beginning to suspect Audrey would you believe!  I know she is one of the popular characters of the show and seems to be one of the good guys but she does seem to go missing when the killings take place.  She also showed some strength when pinning down one of the guys in the gym class and unless I nodded off for a brief moment doing Riley’s Vigil, everyone was there in person apart from her….especially when Ghostface was briefly seen looking on.  Again though if she was there and I missed her, then I offer an apologise and I applaud you for actually paying attention despite the dire mess that was coming from the screen.

While the writers seem to determine to push as many people as the killer in this tale, they are moving Noah further away from the suspect list.  I’ve always said that he is the new “Randy” of this adaptation and I very much doubt he is behind this, especially as he is the one who is mostly trying to crack the mystery, there was one brief scene when Emma said “he was the only one she can trust!” that made me add just a tiny little mark in my case file.

The other sub plot involving the teacher Mr Branson is also a written vice that makes me question what the writers were thinking.  Here is a teacher who has sex clips of his students……I mean that is wrong on so many levels and he is more a paedophile than a person who dresses up and kills his students.

I can go one episode without any slashing but two and we have to start wondering that Scream TV is forgetting its fan base.  You are selling a brand that promises blood and death and now we have had 80 minutes of a slash tale with not one killing.  Its misguided by the writers to believe that we care about this characters enough to go through each episode without some one meeting Ghostface.  The truth is, there are too many unlikeable characters on show and there has to be a death cull very soon!

Its like the Mayor who was never really introduced to us until the last episode, now we find out he has killed his wife…a character we have never met… who really cares?…..

Exposed” is a title that is fitting because it shows that this Scream Format is not working at the moment, and its flaws have been “exposed” thanks to an inept two episodes which watched back to back does nothing to move the story along.

All of this is a  shame because when Riley was being murdered way back in Episode 3, it seemed that Scream and Ghostface in particular was back and it was a pure joy, but since then the masked fiend is M.I.A and for this show to get back on track, it urgently needs to get the blood flowing again, otherwise this Scream fanatic may all be set to give up the mystery of Brandon James…….





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