Though the two of us aren’t often in agreement, I do entirely agree with our Ross Hughes when he gave a very negative review to Terminator: Genisys. The film was, frankly, an insult to fans of the earlier films with all its new timeline nonsense, became absurdly complicated while leaving at least one huge plot hole in the story, and largely consisted of little more than rehashed scenes from the first two movies. It seems that the overall response to the film is in keeping with the views of Ross and myself. Despite being praised by the director of the first two [and to my mind the only ‘true’ Terminator films] movies in the franchise James Cameron [and I’m wondering how much he was paid for this], the film failed to impress the majority of fans nor critics and audiences just failed to flock to it with with the film making just $278 million at the worldwide box office so far, and only just over $81 million of that from the US.

Now, as everyone knows, the initial plan by Paramount and Skydance Pictures was to make two sequels, and had already set release dates for the two films which would possibly be shot back-to-back. The dates were May 19th, 2017, and June 29th, 2018, with the assumption that they would be shot back-to-back. But now the future of the franchise is uncertain. Though I didn’t like the film much, I do feel that at least one sequel is necessary to explain much of what was going on in Genisys. However, THR has been told by one un-identified source from Paramount, asked if the series was definitely going to continue:

“We will definitely need to see the holds globally to confirm that people like the film.

I can totally understand the hesitation. I think it’s possible that, with some actors already signed on for sequels, the project will just be delayed while some rethinking will be done, but I wouldn’t be surprised is the franchise is laid to rest. There are already plans for a new Terminator TV series, and my guess is that the focus may end up being on that.

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