After Five Years….”A” is revealed in Pretty Little Liars, but what next for the ABC Show!


Its a mystery that has kept fans of ABC’s Pretty Little Liars glued to their seats for the last five years, but finally this week, the reveal of “A” was shown to fans and if you have not seen the finale of Season 6 yet, here comes a huge spoiler……


Despite some massive twists over the years and loads of red herrings…..I still get shivers over that Ezra reveal, the full mystery of who was “A” was revealed to be CeCe Drake, a character introduced in Season 3 and who turned out to be  a transgender woman who was born as Charles Dilaurentis and who only changed her name to CeCe when she met her sister Alison.  She was also the person who at the time we assumed killed Alison.

Its quite obvious that this reveal has divided die hard fans, but in the defence of the writers no matter who they chose it would have the fans or not!  I still prefer the end of season 2 when Mona was revealed as the original “A” because it was so unexpected in my eyes, but at least the final episode of this run answered most of the questions fans wanted to know.

The show creator Marlene King has spoken to the Hollywood Reporter about the finale.

“It was at the beginning of season three when we decided that someone was going to steal the game from Mona. We narrowed down our list of characters, and when we came up with the “CeCe is Charles” story, it really just felt like it was the right layer and a painfully tragic but beautiful story to tell.”

“Things just sometimes pop into your head as a complete thought, and if you’re a writer, that’s always an amazing thing”

Some fans have been left bemused by the events though, especially with some plot threads left unexplained.  For example what happened to the girls mothers who we last saw trapped in a basement and also who killed Mrs DiLaurentis?  Oddly, how did Marion manage to die when CeCe was just a child, but we then saw her witness Alison and Toby’s kiss when they were teenagers?

Maybe the last part is an oversight by the writers, but the other two mysteries may never be answered as Season 7 will now see the girls five years in the future and the finale saw Alison as a teacher with the other girls running into the class and screaming “He is coming!”….but who?

King mentioned season 7 to the Hollywood Reporter!

“There’s a new mystery and a new story that starts up when we come back in the next episode, and that story will most likely end at the end of season seven. So it’s a great final, gigantic mystery twist — I think it’s the biggest we’ve ever had. And that feels like season seven is probably a good time to end that story. But we’ll see — we have a little time to play with it. But we’re definitely moving in that direction”

With so many twists over the years, are the fans though ready for another ride?  That is the ultimate question and that mystery itself will only be answered when Pretty little Liars returns next year.

The entire seasons of Pretty Little Liars is currently available on NETFLIX!

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