Confirmed! Frank Grillo returns for ‘The Purge 3’


While the first Purge film was a huge let down, the sequel was a massive improvement and saw the events moved from the claustrophobic and limited confines of one house, to the streets. It also showed a lot more of just how insane a night without law had become, as we witnessed insanity on the streets that gave the franchise a really dark and quite sinister edge, something that was missing from the first film.

One of the best things about The Purge: Anarchy was the casting of Frank Grillo as Sergeant, a man on a revenge mission, who soon ends up protecting a group of innocents. Grillo gave the film a cool, take no prisoners tough guy who was superb to watch, and Variety are confirming that Grillo will return for the third film.

Scheduling hurdles with his DirecTV show “Kingdom” threatened Grillo’s ability to reprise his role. Insiders now say, however, that the issues have been worked out. Grillo can wrap the current season of “Kingdom,” which premieres this fall, as well as shoot “The Purge 3,” which will begin filming in September.

“The Purge” franchise creator James DeMonaco is back to write and direct the latest sequel. Jason Blum is producing along with Sebastien Lemercier and Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller through their Platinum Dunes banner.

While no plot details have yet been announced, casting Grillo indicates the third film will be a direct sequel to The Purge: Anarchy. Producer Jason Blum said earlier this year that things would be changed up a bit in the third film:

“We never retread. It’s gonna be awesome! You just wait. And it’s gonna be new. It’s gonna be different.”

In September The Purge: Anarchy actor Michael K. Williams said he will “most definitely” be back as Carmelo Jones, who Williams claims was “set up” by the authorities.

Both Purge films were made on a combined budget of just $12 million, yet have grossed over $200 million in worldwide box office sales.

The third Purge film has been confirmed for a US release date of July 1st 2016. The UK will follow shortly after.

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