Indiegogo Campaign and Teaser Trailer Launched For Nunsploitation Short Film SISTER HELL


Sister Hell is a short film about a reclusive nun who is tempted to leave the monastery. Her dream is to become a curvy, voluptuous woman; to become how she really feels inside. With cautious steps, she ventures towards the sinful city…

This short film is an outrageous combination of nunsploitation, horror and black comedy, and sports a series of vivid characters, practical FX and buckets of WTF!

The director of Sister Hell is Fredrik S. Hana, who previously made the horror shorts Autumn Harvest (2014) and Angst, Piss & Drid (2013). Both of them got screened all over the world and gained a lot of praise from the genre audience. With his trusty team from the film-collective Blæst, Hana has also made a series of music videos for bands like Kvelertak, Haust and Årabrot.

The movie was shot in Stavanger, Norway. The shoot spanned about 9 days and consisted of a hefty amount of madness, everything from the DP breaking his ankle to extensive FX and make-up challenges. Sister Hell is almost finished and just needs a little help to get through post-production. They’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $8,000 to complete the film with a host of cool rewards for those who pledge.

Check out the teaser trailer for Sister Hell below!

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