Is James Wan planning to direct a giant monster movie next?


James Wan seems to be able to turn his hand to anything and make it really cool. He proved this with the superb horror Saw back in 2003, and then the revenge thriller Death Sentence in 2007. Insidious and The Conjuring breathed new life into the haunted house genre of horror, and then he blew away expectations with the box office conquering Fast and Furious 7.

Pre-production has already begun on his highly anticipated The Conjuring follow up, The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, and he will follow that with Aquaman for Warners and DC. But what comes after he has proved himself in the superhero genre?

Well, naturally a monster movie would be a good direction to go next, and it appears that something may be on the cards.

When asked why he hasn’t done a giant monster movie yet on Twitter, Wan responded with the most incredible tease. He said “patience my friend, in due time. Closer than you know”.

Does that mean Wan already has something in mind, or was he simply teasing? Personally, I would welcome a giant monster movie from such a talented director, but there is nothing concrete here to get too excited about. Plus, with so many films in the pipeline, even if Wan were to do a monster film, we wouldn’t be seeing it for a good few years yet.

Here’s the Tweet:


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