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Late last week, Jon Schnepp – the filmmaker behind the recent documentary The Death Of Superman Lives – said on an episode of Popcorn Talk that: “George Miller is doing Man Of Steel 2. I don’t feel weird about breaking it.”

Now it’s been rumoured for a few days now that the Mad Max director has been in talks with Warner Bros. about doing a DC comics-derived film with them, which was exciting news already, though apparently, according to Den Of Geek, Miller is insisting that the studio agree with his vision and, that schedules need to be worked out, so it’s very early days now. In any case, the film could very well be Man Of Steel 2, except that….

….well, another source is saying that Man Of Steel 2 is “on permanent hold”. Now ordinarily I’d be rather pleased at this news considering how bad the first Man Of Steel was, but Zach Snyder hasn’t so far been linked with Man Of Steel 2, and I think Miller would do a simply amazing job with it. In any case, Warner’s slate of DC movies doesn’t appear to include a Man Of Steel 2, though why it’s on permanent hold is anybody’s guess. We do know that Warner, following a positive screening of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice a couple of weeks ago, is possibly planning three solo Batman films starring Ben Affleck, depressing news to me as frankly I’m a bit sick of the Bat. If Batman Vs Superman fails to please audiences [Man Of Steel was a solid box office success, but was a very divisive film], then it’s possible that Warners may give up on Superman altogether. If they do decide to let Miller do a Superman film, then maybe they should let him start all over again with the character.

Hopefully the situation will become clearer in the near future….


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