‘Pacific Rim vs Godzilla’? Guillermo del Toro would love the f**k out of it!


Now there’s something that would be so incredibly amazing, I just might explode with anticipation. Guillermo del Toro has joked about bringing Godzilla into his Pacific Rim universe, but the problem is this is no laughing matter, fans would be screaming out for this!

Del Toro has said that he would absolutely love to have Godzilla appear in his Pacific Rim universe, and my advice to Del Toro is just make it, it would make a shit load of money because his is what fans would want, and it would be incredible.

The director spoke briefly about bringing the two monster movies together:

So far with the sequel, what we’re writing, what we’re creating, is very different, so there are no plans. Hypothetically, I would love the fuck out of it. I would love to see a jaeger and Godzilla duke it out. That would be too much for the human brain.

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Please, please, please let this happen. To get an idea of how big this could potentially be (if it ever got made), here is a rather clever trailer bringing Pacific Rim and Godzilla together:


Due to begin production in November, the working title for Pacific Rim 2 is ‘Maelstrom’, and while this has not been confirmed as the official title, it makes sense.

Wikipedia describe a Maelstrom as such:

…is a very powerful whirlpool; a large, swirling body of water. A free vortex, it has considerable downdraft. The power of tidal whirlpools tends to be exaggerated by laymen.[1] There are few stories of large ships ever being sucked into a maelstrom, although smaller craft are in danger.

Considering the first film had an underwater gateway to another dimension, the title Maelstrom certainly ties in to the franchise. For now though, this is just a working title, so we will have to wait for something official before getting into what could happen in the sequel.

Pacific Rim 2 will be released on 4th August 2017, right in the middle of the summer blockbuster season.

Last year del Toro revealed that the sequel will be more character driven, and will be quite different to the first film:

“Yes. It’s quite a different movie from the first one in that, but I think that two of our main characters like in the first one are Burn and Charlie. They are really, really – I mean, honestly, they are probably the guys I have the most fun writing along with Hannibal Chau so just from a purely selfish drive, I like writing them. I love writing for Charlie and Burn. I mean, [Burn’s] in Crimson Peak for that reason, because I love working with him. You’re gonna get a lot of that, but the Kaijus are very different and you’re gonna see a very different type of the robots I think. It’s gonna be quite a different adventure.”

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