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Directed by Ron Scalpello
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A group of offshore underwater welders are ordered to repair a pipeline 650ft below the surface of the Indian Ocean. When the diving bell they submerged in begins to receive turbulance (no doubt connected to the ship they are joined to) they quickly finish the welding repair job and prepare to return to the surface. A third of the way on the return to surface, disaster strikes and the diving bell is sent crashing to the sea bed. With no communications to their shipl and with oxygen depleting, the men must work together and use all their skills to fight for survival.

Claustrophobic thriller PRESSURE will put you off any sort of submersibles for life with its frightening tale of survival 650ft under the sea. When their routine operation goes wrong, experienced divers Engel, Mitchell and Hurst, along with ‘the kid’ novice Jones who’s on his first dive, must work together to come up with a plan to be rescued. However, after Engel finds the bodies of the ship’s crew floating towards the riverbed near to where their diving bell resides, it certainly doesn’t look like help will be coming anytime soon. With a beacon attached to their diving bell, they may be able to send a signal for help but that signal would only be noticable if a ship was to pass directly above them due to the depth they are at and the range of the beacon. With the oxygen supplies depleting rapidly, the four men have very little time to come up with a plan and lost at ocean, they need to locate their position if there’s any chance of survival.

The tension is thick as the four men sit inside the diving bell, scared for their lives and contemplating the likely possibility that they will not make it out alive. The biggest problem for these divers is that the air in their bodies has been compressed to withstand the depth and should they surface too fast without decompressing, the result could be deadly. The tight space of the diving bell is almost as claustrophobic and isolated as the the ocean bed itself which heightens the panic as the group argue amongst themselves on what they should and shouldn’t do to try and be rescued.

Hats off to a fantastic cast which includes Danny Huston as experienced diver welder Angel who’s struggling with demons from the past and Matthew Goode as Mitchell, a man who’s put his faith into God to help him get through his guilt of spending time at sea doing what he loves than at home with his wife and two children. Alan McKenna stars as Hurst, another veteran diver but one who’s resorted to drink and has becomes to suffer at his job, whilst Joe Cole stars as youngblood Jones who’s girlfriend is waiting back home, pregnant with their baby. The four guys are a likable bunch with Engel and Michell both taking the leader role yet offering two different perceptions of how to get out of this nightmarish situation.

Atmospheric and truly terrifying, PRESSURE is a gripping tale from start to finish.

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆

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