‘The Purge 3’ story details revealed? The plot was written for Frank Grillo


Less than a week ago it was confirmed that Frank Grillo will reprise his role of Sergeant in The Purge 3, and fans were extremely happy.

The first film was a let down, but The Purge 2: Anarchy was a huge improvement, and Grillo had a big part to play in making the sequel exciting, cool and kinda retro. It felt dangerous and edgy this time, and the third film is looking to improve on what made the sequel so good, and casting Grillo is a good start.

Grillo revealed to SlashFilm that the script for the third film hadn’t even been written until he signed on, clearly proving that writer and director James DeMonaco has figured out what the fans want:

“They didn’t have a script,” Grillo said. “They just called and said, ‘Would you be interested if we had a great script?’ DeMonaco called and said, ‘If it’s with you, I’ll do it.’ He and Universal came up with this, he’s wonderful at this. He wrote a script. I didn’t think it would be better but I think it’s better than the second one.”

He then revealed how Universal put the offer to him:

“We did Purge 2 and I was really doing it as a one off,” Grillo said. “I loved the script. I love James DeMonaco and I’m a big fan of that genre of movie. The kind of action/thriller ‘70s B movie, if done right, is my kind of movie, is why I used to go to the movies when I was a kid. Then the movie was a real big success and people seemed to like my character. Universal said, ‘Let’s do it again.’”

Would the third film still be popular without Grillo returning? Yes, but even though the series has now received a huge boost thanks to the quality of the sequel, Grillo coming back will get fans even more excited, and so they should be.

According to the man himself, the third film will be taking a peak at his back story, something he revealed to Collider:

You get to see where he (Sergeant) came from, his origin, how this has affected him, and what he does to make some changes about it. He was involved in law enforcement at a high level, and he gets involved with somebody else who’s also politically charged, and they go after the system. It’s really interesting. It’s like a really good old school B-movie, like Death Wish, or one of those Clint Eastwood westerns. It’s that kind of thing.”

He also expressed his excitement for the new script:

The script is genius! I love these movies. I wasn’t a big fan of the first one, but when [James] DeMonaco sent me the second script and asked me if I wanted to do it, I said, ‘Yes, I love this movie!’”

Before giving another tiny hint at what we can expect:

Well, they had money for the second one, so they could do it. And the third one is better than that. It’s political. It’s really great. I’m excited to go do it.”

“The Purge” franchise creator James DeMonaco is back to write and direct the latest sequel. Jason Blum is producing along with Sebastien Lemercier and Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller through their Platinum Dunes banner.

While no plot details have yet been announced, casting Grillo indicates the third film will be a direct sequel to The Purge: Anarchy. Producer Jason Blum said earlier this year that things would be changed up a bit in the third film:

“We never retread. It’s gonna be awesome! You just wait. And it’s gonna be new. It’s gonna be different.”

In September The Purge: Anarchy actor Michael K. Williams said he will “most definitely” be back as Carmelo Jones, who Williams claims was “set up” by the authorities.

Both Purge films were made on a combined budget of just $12 million, yet have grossed over $200 million in worldwide box office sales.

The third Purge film has been confirmed for a US release date of July 1st 2016. The UK will follow shortly after.

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