These trick or treaters don’t want candy: the official ‘Hellions’ trailer is awesome!


The director of the superb Pontypool is back with Hellions, and while we have already seen a teaser trailer for the Halloween themed horror, we can now share the full length trailer, and it’s a good one.

Using Halloween to its full potential, and featuring a rather lovely damsel in distress, the trailer is packed full of horror goodness that is sure to please all fans of the genre. There’s creepy monster kids, lots of violence, some comedy, a sexy girl (Chloe Rose) and a good tough guy (Robert Patrick). The colouring of the trailer also gives it a nice, unique vibe that makes it both beautiful and nightmarish at the same time.

Add this to your must-see list now!

The film takes place around Halloween night, and judging by this seriously cool trailer, we are in for a real Halloween treat of full on horror and insane scares. I can’t even begin to describe this trailer, just watch the damn thing, NOW!

Hellions is directed by Bruce McDonald (Pontypool), the cast includes Chloe Rose, Robert Patrick, Rossif Sutherland, Rachel Wilson, Peter DaCunha and Luke Bilyk.


Hellions takes place on Halloween night in the town of Waterford, the so-called Pumpkin Capital of the World. Hidden among the trick-or-treaters, a group of masked demonic beings roam the town and come upon Dora, a teenager home alone for the night. Cut off from the outside world and under siege in her isolated home, Dora will need to defend both her body and soul from the relentless evil beings known as hellions.





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