What the hell!!! Dolph Lundgren is currently filming ‘Kindergarten Cop 2’!!!


So where the hell did this come from??? Dolph Lundgren is actually in the middle of filming Kindergarten Cop 2, a sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring original from 1990.

The original was not perfect, but it certainly had its moments, and one of the most memorable and funny scenes on the film was Arnie’s brilliant “shuuuuut uuuuuppp!!!” Ha, I loved it. So I wonder what Lundgren will be bellowing at the kids who will no doubt give him a headache.

The first image was shared by ManlyMovie, who also shared this plot synopsis:

The new Kindergarten Cop (Lundgren) and his Indian sidekick Sanjit are tracking down a flash drive that’s gone missing from the Federal Witness Protection Program. As you might have guessed, it somehow finds its way into a kindergarten class. As you also might have guessed, this predicament allows Lundgren to take on the guise of an elementary school teacher, schmooze a lady teacher down the hall, and defeat scores of Albanian bad guys.

Business as usual then, but with Lundgren in the starring role, this could actually be a lot of fun.

Don Michael Paul (Tremors 5, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter, Jarhead 2) is directing Kindergarten Cop, which is currently filming in Vancouver, the sequel was scripted by David H. Steinberg (American Pie 2).

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