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Directed by Joe Chien
Madarin and English language with English subtitles

A dodgy batch of ‘bath salts’ blue pills turn their consumers into crazed flesh-eating undead! Running wild within an apartment block, the zombies attack and munch their way through the living. Meanwhile, a SWAT team sent to the building to bust a drugs operation find themselves amidst the chaos. The survivors must work together to stay alive and avoid the hungry, chomping jaws of the infected. However, this is just the beginning as the survivors are captured, enslaved and forced to fight the undead in underground arenas for their cruel human boss who gambles with their lives in exchange for supplies.

Crazy-ass action horror flick ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB is an apparent sequel to ZOMBIE 108 from the same director, Joe Chien. I cannot comment on Zombie 108 (read Matt’s review) but you don’t need to have seen Zombie 108 to know what’s going on here. ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB is a tale of its own and I use the term ‘tale’ lightly. All the action takes place in an apartment block and, rather than a standard narrative, we get a series of scenes involving different inhabitants of the building and how they’re introduced to and coping with the zombie outbreak. Don’t expect any solid connection between it all as it’s pretty much every man and woman for themselves. Some characters do overlap now and again and the odd few manage to become main characters even if their earlier presence is only touched upon. If you’re looking for a film with a strong story, look elsewhere for this film is all about the fun they can have with the undead.

Blood-splattered everywhere, undead naked chicks chomping down on men’s bits and intestines being ripped from their owner’s fresh corpse are just some of the delightful sights you’re set to see in ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB. This is where it’s more at home – somewhere between horror, comedy and action. The gory visuals are the film’s biggest asset as it has very little going for it besides it’s bloody craziness, of which there is plenty of. We even have a bit of ass-kickery courtesy of Andy (Andy On), a member of the SWAT team sent to the apartment building to bust a drug operation which he discovers is nothing more than a mission to line his boss’ pockets. As his teammates scarper once they’re attacked by zombies, Andy is left fighting for his life in the corridors as he seeks shelter and safety away from the hungry hordes.

Switch off you brain, grab a beer and watch the splatterfest that is ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB and you’ll be entertained. Search for a narrative and you’ll be left scratching your head. Even the fight club referenced in the title of the film is saved for the last 20 mins of the film with the majority of the movie dealing with the breakout of the infection as it spreads throughout the apartment block.

Rating: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆

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