A remake of ‘The Exorcist’ is still happening, the power of Christ compels the idea!


Everyone has a favourite horror, and everyone feels protective over that film and hopes to never see it remade. Sadly most horror fans have already seen their beloved films remade, and I feel your pain, but thankfully my favourite horror remains intact. However…

The idea of remaking The Exorcist has been around for years, but I keep thinking I dreamt the idea in a nightmare, and than it will never really happen. It can’t happen. The Exorcist was directed by William Friedkin based on the book by William Peter Blatty, and was released in 1973, and to this day remains (in my humble opinion) the most terrifying horror film ever made, and the best in terms of quality (the acting is stunning, the pace, tension, story, music, editing, and special effects are all perfection). It DOES NOT need a remake, but then neither did Halloween, Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street.

A concerning report by Deadline states that Morgan Creek are selling rights to 78 of their films in order to bring some more money into the pot to produce more films. No harm in that, they have a great back catalogue, and good luck to them!

However, buried in the report is the worrying news that the company will retain rights on five of their films, because they want to remake them at some point.

As part of any sale, Morgan Creek would retain remake rights for five titles — Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Major League, Young Guns, Flying Tigers and The Exorcist — but pay a percentage of the gross profit to the new owner of the library. The company will also retain TV rights.

“I’m selling the library strictly for economic reasons,” Morgan Creek CEO Jim Robinson told Deadline. “It will go back into the company to fund more production. We have a number of properties that we are looking to move forward on.” Hmmm, could a remake of Major League and Ace be in the works? “Yes,” said Robinson, who said that ideas are being tossed right now for both those and The Exorcist.

Now, a remake of Young Guns is bad, a remake of Ace Ventura without Jim Carrey would be just wrong, but a remake of The Exorcist has made my blood boil. Please, please, PLEASE don’t do it, for the love of God just leave it alone, it is far too good, and far too perfect to be remade.

For me, The Exorcist is an education in pure terror, and EVERY horror fan should see it, for the genre does not get any better than this.

Anyway, Deadline went into some nitty gritty details about the deal, should you wish to learn more:

Morgan Creek was co-founded by Robinson and Joe Roth in 1988. Roth even directed a film through the company back in 1989, Coupe de Ville, which starred a very young Patrick Dempsey and Daniel Stern. In fact, Morgan Creek employed many young actors and actresses before they were big movie stars; the film that launched Jim Carrey’s career, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, was done at Morgan Creek and released in 1994. The Young Guns movies were typical of the company picking young talent and allowing them space to flourish. That one starred Emilio Estevez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dermut Mulroney and Keifer Sutherland.

In October 2014, Morgan Creek sold off its international distribution rights to Revolution Studios, which Roth founded and then sold to Fortress Investment Group, which manages billions in assets. That deal was done for $36.75 million for 64 titles. At that point, Morgan Creek retained the domestic distribution rights, so the company is selling the rights available.

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