Yay, some news which isn’t about a remake! It concerns one of my favourite current filmmakers whose work I had ignored until I came out of a showing of The Grand Budapest Hotel having fallen in love with his style and set out to obtain all of his movies! Wes Anderson’s quirky [and to me, hilarious] movies are an acquired taste, but he has a whole load of fans who gorge upon his work. However, up to now it has seemed that he has a bit of a problem with dogs.  In The Royal Tenenbaums, a dog is killed with a car driven by a guy dosed up on mescaline, in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou there is a three legged dog that gets hit with a newspaper, in The Fantastic Mr. Fox some dogs are drugged with blueberries, and in Moonrise Kingdom a dog is shot with an arrow.

You wouldn’t therefore expect the man to be about to make a picture which is a stop-motion animated film about canines. However, Jeff Goldblum apparently spoke to Nerdist at a recent jazz festival [he’s a jazz musician himself and even has a weekly show with his band The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra in Los Angeles] where he revealed that he, Bob Babalan, Edward Norton and, new to the Anderson family, Bryan Cranston, will all be voicing dogs in a new Anderson stop-motion animated movie. It will also, says Goldblum, be “Japanese-inspired”, though what that really means is anybody’s guess. He didn’t reveal anything else about the project, which will be Anderson’s first full-length stop-motion-animated feature since 2009’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox. However, it’s not his first return to the medium since then as he directed a stop-motion commercial for Sony in 2012, and even featured a stop-motion action sequence in the mostly live-action The Grand Budapest Hotel.

In any case, I can’t wait!

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