The flesh and brain- eating undead have been swarming our screens more and more in recent years owing in part to the phenomenal small-screen success of AMC’s TV adaptation of the ‘The Walking Dead’. This revitalised interest in zombies means that these popular reanimated creatures are making their way into endless new horror productions in both television and on the big screen. So, as it’s the season of all hallows, we’ve decided to pick out a handful of the very best zombie movies of all time.



With horror maestro George Romero quite literally shaping the way in which we perceive our modern movie zombies we have opted to skip past his ground-breaking undead opus ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and have selected the first of his sequels. Whilst NOTLD had a notable underlying social commentary injected, ‘Dawn of the Dead’ managed to take plenty of shots at consumer culture. Hiding out in an abandoned shopping mall, the film centres on a small group of survivors who battle the undead as they try and carve out new lives for themselves, stealing plenty of goods along the way.





As the moniker title suggests ‘Shaun of the Dead’ is a tribute to the ‘Dead’ series of movies from director George Romero. Both Simon Pegg and writer/director Edgar Wright certainly made sure the influence was firmly injected into this brilliantly conceived comedy horror from the British pair. Spawn from a sequence featured in the duo’s TV series ‘Spaced’, the movie is filled with laugh out loud moments as well as some ingeniously woven in-jokes and references which all horror buffs will no doubt appreciate and enjoy.



Another comedy horror effort that makes it on to our list is that of New Zealand’s blood-filled zombie gore-fest ‘Braindead’. Long before he was tackling epics like ‘Lord of the Rings’, director Peter Jackson concentrated his efforts on low-budget horrors and this incredibly ambitious horror yarn is crammed with some of the most funniest, goriest and blood soaked sequences of all time. A must for gore hounds everywhere.



More often than not a zombie-themed comedy horror far surpasses the quality of a genuine doomsday scenario flick and this is the third such movie in our list that falls under that particular category. ‘Zombieland’, starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, focuses on a group of 4 travellers in America who head to an amusement park whilst carefully adopting 30 strong rules for surviving against the undead. The success of the movie has been unprecedented, accruing millions at the box office, inspiring merchandise, and even laying the theme for the Alaxe in Zombieland slot game over a slot game at Royal Vegas Canada.

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