The prospect of a new Danny Boyle film is always exciting, and we’ve got Steve Jobs coming out shortly, but, in an interview with The Toronto Star, he revealed that his ambition for some time has been to make a film about David Bowie. This may not be a surprise if you knew that [I didn’t until now] Bowie’s album Low actually served as inspiration for Boyle’s 2013 film Trance.

“It’s funny, but for some reason you can’t always rationalise, certain songs or albums just trick you into focus. We initially started the Trance soundtrack with that very much in mind, and there’s an element of Low that remains in the film … Low is an extraordinary landmark in electronic music, the beginning of it, really.”

And about this planned Bowie film:

It’s a wonderful script, by Frank Cottrell Boyce. It’s a sort of musical, but we couldn’t get the music rights. I didn’t want it to go down the route of Velvet Goldmine, which couldn’t use the music, and used different music, and fictionalised it and stuff like that. So, we had to put it away for the moment. It’s a beautiful piece, and I hope we’ll be able to return to it. I’d love to do this film. It’s not really a musical, but it is [laughs], so we’ll see.”

Boyle, who said two years ago that his Millions was originally conceived as a musical but that: “we didn’t have the confidence at that time to push it through”, needs Bowie’s approval for this project, and considering the Thin White Duke turned down his request to appear at the 2012 Olympic ceremony, it’s this that could be holding it up. Let’s hope he comes around soon.


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