Hang on, so now there ARE plans for a sequel to ‘The Cabin in the Woods’?


I loved The Cabin in the Woods, and while the ending was pretty final, I would welcome a sequel. I would guess a sequel would simply have to take place in a different location, with different victims and other monsters, and it now sounds possible that we just might get a sequel.

It was only a few weeks ago that writer/director Drew Goddard revealed that a sequel would never probably happen. He said there were never plans for a sequel, and that he and writer Joss Whedon would need one hell of an idea to make another Cabin in the Woods.

However, moving on just two weeks Goddard now states that Lionsgate want a sequel, and that it is now looking more likely to happen. Again though, it is all down to whether an idea is good enough to warrant returning to The Cabin in the Woods, but now that the studio who released it are hoping for a sequel, it kind of puts the pressure on to actually get one made.

Doing the press rounds for Ridley Scott’s The Martian, Goddard (who adapted the screenplay for Scott) told Den of Geek:

The funny part is, I don’t think we planned that movie to do a sequel, you know?” he said, after saying that Lionsgate were looking for another film.

Goddard continued: “But that being said, the fun thing about Cabin is, the rules are pretty crazy. We get away with a lot of crazy stuff. So, I’m sure we could figure it out if we got inspired to. I know Joss and I both feel like we don’t want to tarnish what we did with the first one. With a sequel, we’d only do it if it made us laugh hard enough, I suppose.”

When asked about what stage he and Whedon were at in terms of a sequel, Goddard said “Yeah, we don’t know. There’s nothing in the hopper right now, but who knows? The way Joss and I work, we might wake up tomorrow and go, ‘let’s go do that,’ or whatever.”

Once again Goddard states that if an idea comes to them, he and Whedon would do it, but they don’t have an idea right now. So while this is interesting to hear that Lionsgate are now actively looking for a sequel, don’t expect one to be announced any time soon.

Personally I am happy to wait for the right idea, and I would welcome a return to The Cabin in the Woods.

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