HCF CLASSIC MOMENT: NO 7: ” Pass the Asparagus” Dinner Scene From American Beauty!



In a brand new feature on HorrorCultFilms, we look at the scenes that blow us away, moments that will live forever in our minds  and in yours.  Number 7 is the quite brilliant dinner scene in 1999’s American Beauty, where a simple family get together demonstrates just how bad married life can get…..

Hughesy:  One of the best films of 1990’s was Sam Mendes stunning American Beauty and despite many brilliant moments. it was the now infamous dinner scene that fans always remember!  Lester (Kevin Spacey) years of built up frustration comes to the boil when he simply asks for the “Asparagus”



We HEAR Jack Jones singing "YOU'D BETTER LOVE ME." Lester is
seated at the dining table, in a T-shirt and jeans, eating his
dinner voraciously and drinking beer from a bottle. Across
from him, Carolyn picks at her food, watching him with
contempt.  He HEAR the back door SLAM, then Jane enters and
quickly takes her seat at the table.

	Sorry I'm late.

	That's quite all right, dear.
	Your father and I were just
	discussing his day at work.
		(to Lester)
	Why don't you tell our daughter
	about it, honey?

JANE stares at both her parents, apprehensive.  LESTER looks
at Carolyn darkly, then flashes a "you-asked-for-it" grin.

	Janie, today I quit my job. I also
	told my boss to fuck himself, and
	then blackmailed him for almost
	sixty-thousand dollars. Pass the

	Your father seems to think this
	kind of behavior is something to be
	proud of.

	And your mother seems to prefer I
	go through life like a fucking
	prisoner while she keeps my dick in
	a mason jar under the sink.

	How dare you speak to me like that
	in front of her?

	Will someone please pass me the

		(to Lester)
	I hope you don't think for one
	minute I'm going to support you

	I already have another job.

	Okay, guys? I'm not going to be a
	part of this.

		(means it)
	Sit down.

JANE does So immediately, surprised and intimidated By the
power in her father's voice.  Lester gets up, crosses to the
other side of the table to get a PLATE OF ASPARAGUS, then sits
again as he serves himself.

		LESTER (cont'd)
	I'm sick of being treated like I
	don't exist.  You both do whatever
	you want to do, whenever you want
	to do it and I don't complain.  All
	I want is the same courtesy -

	Do you really think -

LESTER hurls the plate OF asparagus against the wall with
such force it SHATTERS, frightening Carolyn and Jane.

	Don't interrupt me, honey.

He goes BACK to eating his meal, as if nothing unusual has
happened. Carolyn sits in her chair, shivering with rage. Jane
just stares at the plate in front of her. "YOU'D BETTER LOVE
ME" continues to play on the STEREO.

		LESTER (cont'd)
	Oh, and another thing. From now
	on, we're going to alternate our
	dinner music. Because frankly, and
	I don't think I'm alone here, I'm
	really tired of this Lawrence Welk
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