Is there a ‘Watchmen’ TV series in development?


Collider were the first to report that HBO have been having talks with Zack Snyder over a possible Watchmen TV series, and now further information (although very vague) has been revealed.

It is unclear if the TV series would be a sequel, prequel or re-work of the 2009 film directed by Snyder, but at this moment in time it would appear that a TV series is definitely on the cards. Reports are saying that Snyder met with HBO months ago to discuss a Watchmen TV series, and with his plate so full with all things DC right now, it is doubtful Snyder would be involved in the series.

His 2009 three hour epic film was terrific, yet it barely made it past $100 million in US cinemas. It took $185 million at the global box office, on a budget of $130 million, so it’s not really regarded as a success. Critics loved it, and most fans did but there were complaints about Snyder’s handling of the story adaptation, and also how the film concluded. Personally, I think Watchmen is one of the best comic book films ever made.

However, the comic is so in depth and so involved, a TV series seems to be the natural way forward to really expand on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novels. However, there is no confirmation anything is in place yet, or indeed if any offers have been made.

HBO offered this update after Collider’s story:

“Preliminary discussions regarding Watchmen have occurred, but we have no additional information and no deals are in place,” the network said in a statement .

Hopefully there will be further updates on this soon.

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