LATEST MOVIES: Yippee Ki groan!!!!!!!!!!……Back to the past as John McClane gets a prequel! – sort of!

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Just when you thought the once great Die Hard franchise could not get any sillier, here comes Die Hard 6: Origins……..(not the actual title yet but probably something like that).

Yes, it seems like with the recent Terminator, Jack Ryan and Star Trek films, John McClane is all set to go back to the past, with a part 6 that will see him younger, with an origin tale, set long before he wore the white vest and took on a whole gang of terrorists in the much loved classic original.

Its being reported that Len Wiseman who directed the half decent 4th chapter, is coming back to call the shots in a tale that will see the action taking place between 1979 and the now, with Bruce Willis reprising his role for the present and a younger actor for the past……

Hmmh…..sounds like a similar recent Sci-Fi action film starring good old Brucie… you know what film I mean?

As Die Hard is my favourite action film of all time, I would have been kind of excited by this but after the atrocity of a Good Day To Die Hard, I can’t even muster a smile writing this!

Its no secret that FOX want to make another Die Hard and for the last year there has been rumours of a cross between 24 with Jack Bauer teaming up with McClane which would have at least sounded surreal but tasty!  But with Kiefer Sutherland more than confirming he will never play Bauer again, it seems that we are now heading for a crazy final film that will serve as both a sequel and prequel….

More news when we get it!

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