LATEST TV: Gotham writer teases the JOKER’S future in the show!

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The Batman origin show Gotham is finally becoming a show that every one is talking about, more so after the shocking events in the “Last Laugh” episode which stunned all the fans for its sudden demise of a character who has long been mooted as a possible Joker candidate.

With Cameron Monaghan brilliant performance as Jerome Valeska winning plaudits,  many assumed that he was the boy in line to be the ultimate future nemesis of Batman, that was until the creators pulled the rug from under us and killed him off.

But apparently, things may not be like they seem!

It was during the Gotham NYCC 2015 panel at Comic Con that writer and executive producer John Stephens had the following to say on the topic of the Joker and his legacy….

“If you watch the episodes closely, as they go forward this year you’ll start seeing the seeds of the way that story will continue to develop. And we probably have not seen the last of that fellow.”

Does that last line make us believe then that Jerome is actually alive, but how?

It does though make  Season 2 an unpredictable show and after the hit and miss with the first season its great to see confidence is now sweeping through the streets of Gotham as the writers begin to take hold of their grand plan!

With rumours that Ra’s Al Ghul is going to make an appearance even though that idea seems too soon after the character has just appeared in ARROW,  there does seem a host of excitement of where this show is going.

As for the Joker, the writers insist that the character will be built slower in line with Bruce’s transformation from boy to bat……maybe the final scene when the show ends, will be images of two characters we have watched for a while, become the symbol of good and bad… cool would that be?

At the moment though Gotham is unpredictable and that is only a good thing for us watching….

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