It really is remake hell at the moment, and here’s some news on the Escape From New York remake that has been reared its ugly head every now and again for eight years. John Carpenter’s 1981 sci-fi actioner which gave us one of Kurt Russell’s signature roles as the man tasked with rescuing the President of the United States after Air Force One crashes in Manhattan, which has – of course – been transformed into a maximum security prison, is actually to me one of his lesser films [and let’s just forget about his poor sequel], but considering that similar films are constantly being made I’m sure we don’t need an actual remake. I would say that I feel sorry for John Carpenter the way all his pictures seem to be getting remade, but, as with a couple of others, he’s executive producer on this one, and quite frankly doesn’t really seem to give a toss one way or the other!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox has selected Neil Cross from a selection of writers to reboot the film franchise. The studio reportedly wants to repeat the success it’s seen with their relaunch of their  Planet of the Apes franchise and is planning more than one film. Cross is not only known for creating the acclaimed TV series Luther but also for co-creating the less well recieved series Crossbones and co-writing the horror film Mama, which despite being a big hit didn’t seem to be much liked, though I rather enjoyed it myself. No news on director or stars yet.

Anyway, it seems that in a few year’s time, cinema will almost entirely consist of franchises!




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