Neill Blomkamp says ‘Alien 5’ is on hold, that’s a bummer


Neill Blomkamp released some really cool concept art for his planned Alien 5, and then last year the film was confirmed, with Alien director Ridley Scott himself involved as producer.

However, Scott recently turned his attention back to his Alien world by announcing Prometheus 2 as his next film, but also changed the title to Alien: Paradise Lost. His intention was to begin connecting the worlds of Prometheus and Alien, and with filming due to begin early next year, Prometheus 2 is now scheduled for release in 2017, the same year as Alien 5.

Blomkamp has now announced to fans that Alien 5 is on hold, for whatever reason, and we are now going to have to wait a little longer to see what he had planned as a sequel to Aliens. Here is Blomkapm’s Tweet:

This is strange news as Scott very recently confirmed that Alien 5 would be released in 2017. I am confused and upset at Blomkamp’s news, but at least instead of two Alien films in 2017, they will now be spread out a bit.

Scott recently revealed to Gregory Ellwood that Alien: Paradise Lost, the first of two planned Prometheus sequels, would feature a brand new crew. The new crew would join the already cast Michael Fassbender as David, and Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw.

Scott revealed that David and Shaw WILL find the Engineers planet.

Here is was Scott said:

“It’s going to be it’s own separate thing because they are going to the planet of the Engineers and they are going to see what happened there. It was a disaster. And they will be in that alien craft that takes them there, but with a new group that’s incoming, a new group of travelers in the beginning of the first act.”

From the sounds of what Scott says, the new crew will be a rescue team, probably there to rescue the crew of the Prometheus. So will they discover where Shaw and David are heading and eventually meet up? Time will tell, but its good to hear there will be a new crew involved. Scott has a real skill at putting together an interesting team for a space crew, so I am excited to see who will be cast for this.

He also revealed that filming begins in March!

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