Plot details for proposed ‘Evil Dead 4’ revealed by Sam Raimi


Over the years there has been all sorts of plans to extend Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series. In 2013 Fede Alvarez directed a truly awesome remake, which at the end teased more Bruce Campbell as Ash, and then things went wild with talk of a sequel to the Evil Dead remake, a fourth Evil Dead film, and then ideas to bring the remake universe together with the original trilogy and continue from there.

Things ended up turning into what could be the horror TV event of the year, Ash vs Evil Dead, which begins on Starz on 31st October. However, Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi did have plans for a fourth Evil Dead movie, one that would follow on from the brilliant Army of Darkness.

However, with an audience friendly ending and an original ending, just how was Evil Dead 4 going to follow Army of Darkness?

Raimi revealed all at a special screening of Ash vs Evil Dead, and Screen Crush were on hand, and have broken down exactly what Raimi said. Read on for how Screen Crush describe what Raimi said, but I must warn you that this idea sounds utterly insane, and would totally work. Please, PLEASE Mr Raimi consider actually making this!

Per Screen Crush:

The story came in response to a question about the alternate (technically original) ending to Army of Darkness. Raimi initially planned to end the movie with Ash, who’d been tossed through time back to the Middle Ages, messing up his return trip to the present. A wizard provides him with a sleeping potion that will allow him to hibernate his way back to 1992. In the original ending, Ash messes up the dosage, sleeps too long, and wakes instead in a post-apocalyptic future.

That ending played on the film internationally, but Army of Darkness’ American distributor, Universal, hated the downbeat conclusion and demanded a happier alternative. Here’s what Raimi and his team came up with:

Like Ash taking his potion, that brings us back to the present. An audience member asked Raimi if they’d ever considered using the darker original ending from Army of Darkness as the jumping-off point for the new show. He replied — and I am paraphrasing here — that before Ash vs. Evil Dead fell into place, he and his brother Ivan were working on a script for a fourth Evil Dead movie. And at that point, their bold plan was to actually make a movie starring two Ashes, one from each of Army of Darkness’ endings. In other words, this Evil Dead 4 would have continued Ash’s journey along both possible timelines in two parallel stories: Present Ash in one, future Ash in the other.

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