Adam Green reveals a really cool idea for ‘Hatchet 4’


There’s no question that Adam Green’s Hatchet trilogy is great fun for horror fans, and Victor Crowley is a superb new horror villain. I don’t believe anyone expect the series to end on number three, and Green has now revealed plans for a fourth film, plans which will sadly probably never happen.

On his podcast, The Movie Crypt, Green revealed his idea for a fourth film which is not a million miles away from the great Nightmare on Elm Street sequel, New Nightmare:

It plays with the idea of Victor Crowley actually being a real thing, I lied and said I made it up but I really stole the story and now he’s coming to get everybody who worked on the movie. But he doesn’t really look like he did in the three — he’s really scary, it’s a little more paranormal. I just figured to go out with a bang and make it real and make it grounded and make him terrifying and not campy would have been really cool…”

Green recognizes the similarities between this idea and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare: “Because of New Nightmare, I just didn’t want to do it. I just won’t do it. Everyone’s gonna say, ‘Oh, this is New Nightmare’.”

The idea could be seen as a definite end to the Hatchet series, and naturally Dark Sky Films, who released the previous three, were concerned that such a popular franchise could be stopped with this idea:

I remember pitching that idea to Dark Sky, and they said ‘if you do that, that’s the end. There’s nowhere left to go,” Green clarified.

Dark Sky Films didn’t turn down the idea, they were just worried about ending the series, so it could happen if Green felt it could work. Hatchet was created by Green, and no doubt Dark Sky Films would put their trust in him to make the idea for Hatchet 4 work, should Green decide to make it.

While the idea does sound really cool, Green doesn’t appear to be in any rush to move forward with the idea looking at his comments of how this compares to New Nightmare, which is a real shame. This wouldn’t have to be the ending of the series, and the idea would work brilliantly.

Please Mr Green, make this…

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  1. i agree 10000% that be a great film yes its a lot like new nightmare but it can work we all love wes craven it be like a love story for he and classic for the fans please adam green make hatchet 4 please

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