Latest TV: Doctor Who pulls off massive shock in “Face The Raven”…or do they?



If you haven’t watched last night’s Doctor Who then STOP READING………….


………………….SPOILER AHEAD…………………………………..

Have you stopped crying?

Fair play on the BBC, they pulled off a huge coup last night as Doctor Who served up an all mighty shock by killing off Clara Oswald.

For the first time since the new Who was brought back to our screens in 2005, a companion of Doctor Who has been killed off in such brutal fashion, with Clara being too clever for her own good, having taken on a “death” for another character, thinking that the Doctor would save her, only for the man in the TARDIS to actually fail on a rare occasion.

It was brutal but beautiful with Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi putting on an acting class of top quality in an episode that once more showed why this season is up there with the best since its began.

The way Clara faced her death was as dark as you could possibly imagine for what is in reality a Children TV show but questions arose afterwards in “is Clara really dead?”  I mean its not the first time The Impossible Girl has cheated death?

What we do know is that Coleman has filmed some extra scenes that are yet to be shown….



The image above shows her character in a waitress outfit and in the upcoming Doctor Who magazine, there is a front cover that shows her with a notepad and the title of the page is in fact “Last Orders”

So does this mean we will see Clara one more time?  Or is it a flashback to before she met the Doctor?

The one thing we do know is that in the 2013 episode  “The Name of the Doctor” her character was plunged into the life line of The Doctor, making many alternative’s of herself and helping the Doctor throughout his history.

There is scope there to bring the character back somehow but how and why and what version will no doubt be answered in the last two episodes of what has been a fantastic run.

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