Matthew McConaughey to play villainous role in ‘The Dark Tower’?


It was announced back in July at Comic-Con that a director had finally been confirmed for the loooong in development adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, and that director is Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair). Now The Wrap are reporting that the great Matthew McConaughey is being eyed for not one, but TWO different roles in the film, both villainous.

If you remember, McConaughey was tipped to be playing Randall Flagg in an adaptation of another Stephen King story, The Stand, but that hasn’t happened. However, with The Dark Tower, McConaughey may still get to play that character.

While insiders insist it’s early and neither side has committed, they admit preliminary discussions have taken place and both parties are interested in striking a deal.

Though TheWrap was initially told that McConaughey was being eyed to play gunslinger Roland Deschain, which was correct, subsequent trade reports suggest he was offered that role as well as the villainous Man in Black, and that McConaughey is leaning towards embracing his dark side. The actor is the rare A-lister without a movie franchise, but that could change be about to change, regardless of what role he chooses.

Sources tell Variety that Sony wants McConaughey to play Walter Padick — aka the Man in Black — in Sony and MRC’s adaptation of King’s “The Dark Tower” franchise. McConaughey has just received the script and has not yet decided whether he will star.

Padick is a demonic sorcerer who Roland “the gunslinger” pursues in the first book. The character first appears in “The Stand” and goes by the name of Randall Flagg, a character that McConaughey was also offered to play. “The Gunslinger” will be the first in a series of films.

Sony Pictures and MRC are co-financing the ambitious feature film, which Nikolaj Arcel will direct from a script by Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner that’s primarily based on the first book in King’s series, “The Gunslinger.”

The Dark Tower is due for release on 13th January 2017.

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