Mick Garris reveals which horror directors will direct anthology ‘Nightmare Cinema’


Ah horror anthologies, you gotta love ’em, and they just keep on coming, which is a good thing! The latest is being headed up by master of horror Mick Garris (The Shining, The Stand, Sleepwalkers), and he has now revealed to Shock Till You Drop who the other four directors are joining him on Nightmare Cinema, a collection of five terrifying tales.

Garris told the site:

“NIGHTMARE CINEMA will begin shooting in early 2016; it is a collection of five stories from five esteemed horror filmmakers (okay, four plus me). Joe Dante (THE HOWLING, GREMLINS), Japan’s Ryuhei Kitamura (MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, VERSUS), David Slade (HANNIBAL, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT) from the UK and the Cuban director Alejandro Brugues (JUAN OF THE DEAD) will each be directing scripts from Richard Christian Matheson, Mexican author Sandra Becerril, David Slade and myself!”

He also recently revealed that “this is a feature-film collection of unique horror stories linked only by a desire to reach in and grab you by the terror gland, made by a group of directors from around the world, each with a vision unlike any other. It’s the same philosophy I had when ‘Masters of Horror’ came to be, but in an anthology film format.”

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