Prometheus and The Thing writers to develop ‘Van Helsing’ for Universal’s classic monsters universe


We already know that Universal are rebooting all their classic monsters to create a Marvel style universe, and with Dracula: Untold already released, and The Mummy (set in the present day) currently in development and due for release on March 24th 2017, a third film is now getting started.

Van Helsing is the latest story about to be retold, and a report on Variety confirms who will be writing the film, and they’re good choices.

Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, Dr Strange) and Eric Heisserer (The Thing, Final Destination 5, A Nightmare On Elm Street) have been hired to write the new take on Van Helsing. Both have proved themselves in the horror genre, so this is good news for Universal.

Per Variety:

Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan will produce the film.

Universal’s new production endeavor will expand and unify a network of classic monsters; it is led by narrative architects Kurtzman and Morgan. The interconnected slate of monster films will begin with a reboot of “The Mummy” and how Van Helsing would work into the rest of the universe is still being mapped out.

Plot details are unknown at this time. The studio has already said its first film in the monster universe, “The Mummy,” with be set in present day, but there’s no word yet on when “Van Helsing” will take place. The character first appeared in Bram Stroker’s “Dracula” and dedicated his life to killing the monster. In 2004, Hugh Jackman starred in a film adaptation in which Van Helsing was made out to be a monster hunter, not only hunting Dracula but having run-ins with Frankenstein and the Wolf Man.

Similar to the Marvel and “Transformers” universes, Spaihts and Heisserer were among a handful of writers Uni assembled for its monster universe writers room, with Spaihts also penning “The Mummy.” Spaihts’ recent credits include “Doctor Strange” for Marvel and the Jennifer Lawrence-Chris Pratt sci-fi drama “Passengers,” while Heisserer most recently penned Denis Villeneuve’s “Story of Your Life” and had previously penned the “The Thing” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” reboots.

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