‘The Raid’ remake loses director, distributor AND its star. Oh well, this is actually good news!


I don’t care for a remake of The Raid, and this news makes me very very happy indeed. A remake of Gareth Evans’ classic fight flick, The Raid, has been on the cards for some time now. Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) was due to direct, Frank Grillo (above) and Taylor Kitsch set to star (which was actually a good thing), and the choreography team from the original film were due to be working on it.

Evans’ first film, and its stunning sequel, are two of the best examples of fight films for decades, and a remake was such a stupid idea because its not only too soon, but The Raid has a dedicated cult following, it’s beloved by fans and most have been spitting venom at the idea of a remake.

Thankfully the remake was put on hold last year, and now things have gotten even worse.

Last week the film lost its director, its production company and distributor (Sony and Screen Gems) and also one if its stars (Kitsch). Now Grillo has announced that he too is also no longer attached, so things appear to be falling apart.

I say give up on the idea: no one wants it, no one cares for it, and everyone is more than happy with the original so let’s just leave it the fuck alone, yeah?


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    • Gareth Evans said after making The Raid 2 that he would not be in any rush to make a third, although he did admit to having an idea for a third film. Fingers crossed Evans does make The Raid 3, but I have no idea how he will top the first two.

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