Yes, you read that right. Following in the tradition of Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, King Kong Vs Godzilla and Freddy Vs. Jason, Kadokawa studios announced the other day that they are partnering with NBC Universal to unite their respective franchises The Ring and The Grudge for a movie that will pit creepy ghost girl Sadako and creepy ghost girl Kayako against each other. The notion actually begun life as an April Fool’s Day hoax this year, but is now becoming reality. I suppose it’s kind of appropriate really considering that the two lengthy franchises have been battling it out at the Japanese box office for some time now. There’s been a total of six Japanese Ring films, plus a Korean one and the two American pictures. As for The Grudge, Japan has so far produced eight films, while in the US there’s been three. For me, the first Japanese movies of each series are the ones to beat, both films expert [though I think The Ring has the edge] exercises in terror in somewhat different ways, though most of the sequels, prequels and remakes have been good and the American films rather better than they perhaps deserved to be.

What with the American The Rings, a reboot of the Ring series, to be unleashed in the near future, I guess the time is right to do this crossover picture, and what’s the betting that it’ll get a US remake soon after? So far the only names attached to the project are director Kôji Shiraishi [Noroi: The Curse, Grotesque, Occult, Foe and sequel] and actress Mizuki Yamamoto [Screaming Class] who will play the unfortunate girl who manages to find herself trapped between the two opposing forces of evil. The film is expected to hit Japan in June 2016, and I’m very intrigued to see how the story of this film will be worked out. Who do you think would win?

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