Latest Movies: Carrie Fisher confirms she has seen the new Star Wars…her verdict is?

carrie fisher

With the Star Wars hype in full swing, with the World Première only two weeks away, Carrie Fisher who returns to the franchise in the role of Leia Organa has confirmed that she too has seen the final cut of The Force Awakens and her verdict is?

“It’s really good. And I think in my mouth, so I don’t lie.”

This follows recent confirmation by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy that creator George Lucas has himself seen the final cut and he “really liked it!”.

Newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley  recently raved about how entertaining and emotional the film is and the rumours are building that the long awaited film could actually live up to the hype.

We have to wait and see for ourselves on December 17th (UK) and the rest of the world the 18th…..

My tickets are already booked for the midnight showing……when are you going?

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