Latest Movies: George Osborne gets a “credit” at the end of Star Wars! Fans take to Social Media to air their disgust!

Chancellor George Osborne


While Marvel fill most of their films with a final after credits scene, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has caused a major stir by just adding a simple name at the end.

Yes, Chancellor George Osborne was awarded a “Special Thanks” at the end of the credits of the box office smash and Social Media has gone into meltdown with disgust!  Osborne himself was booed by a section of fans at the London Premiere doing the week and the thank you is mostly to do with the fact that the film was shot at  Pinewood Studios in the UK,  not long after Osborne a new higher rate of film tax relief last October.

Osborne said about Star Wars doing the week…

“We fought very hard as a government to get Star Wars made in Britain because we knew it would bring jobs and investment, it would mean that we had great opportunities for British actors,” he added.

“So it’s a great day for filmmaking in this country and it clearly shows the Force is with us.”

Many think though Osborne that the force is mostly towards the dark side thanks to that end credit name call!

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