Latest Movies: Kathleen Kennedy confirms Indy 5 plans


Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that there are plans for another treasure hunt for our favourite adventurer Indiana Jones but before we all get excited, lets put this down as a “slight possibility”, because with Disney and Lucasfilm just focusing on Star Wars and beyond, it seems that Indiana Jones 5 may have to wait.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she confirmed discussions has been made over the much cherished franchise but nothing as yet is moving forward.

“We’re all trying to figure out when the right time is to step back in.  Harrison really wants to do it, Steven Spielberg really wants to do it. We’ve kicked around a couple of story ideas, but beyond that, I don’t know yet”.

“I think there will be one, We’ll certainly move forward with Indy. But right now, everybody’s just focused on Star Wars”.

Interesting though she did not mention George Lucas with the plans? Does this mean he has stepped away from this franchise as well?


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