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There has already been some complaints over the very spoiler heavy trailer for the upcoming movie Batman VS Superman film which lets be honest, gave away virtually most of the plot to the uproar of many fans.  But news has emerged or should we say “slipped” out of a further plot development so if you do not want to know……stop reading right now!

We all know that the film, despite the heavyweight showdown between Batman and Superman is nothing more than a prequel for a Justice League movie, and with Wonder Woman joining the two already mentioned, a surprise fourth Superhero will show up.

Batman v Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson, who is also working on costumes for these films has more or less confirmed the rumour that The Flash will appear somewhere in the film.

“I’m not really at the liberty to talk about The Flash right now, but it’s something that you’ll be seeing in the future in our films. You do get a glimpse of him, of course, in Batman v Superman. But I’m really looking forward to taking the amazing, iconic costume for The Flash and interpreting it in a fresh way where Ezra Miller is playing The Flash. He’s an extraordinary performer, he has a sort of interesting sense of humour and the youth that will be great for Barry Allen and I think he’s going to make a great Flash”.

Only a few months back, there were rumours that the Speedster would appear in the film as a mere cameo involving security cameras and with Wilkinson stating he is yet to work on the costume, we can assume that the role will be a brief one.

This story along with the furore of the trailer, is there anything left the Zack Snyder film can surprise us with?  We have to wait and see next year, when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theatres on March 25th, 2016.

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