Latest TV: The Planned Rambo TV Show will now not star or involve its main star!


Rambo without Sly Stallone is like 24 without Kiefer Sutherland, but with FOX pressing ahead for a new nightmare day without Jack Bauer, its been announced that the planned TV show about John Rambo will now not involve Stallone in anyway.

What is the point then I hear you cry?  Well I can only nod in agreement with you.

The Rambo franchise is huge and popular worldwide and there have been plans for a long time about a fourth sequel, but it was recently confirmed that a TV show called Rambo: New Blood is in the planning stage and that its star Stallone was a willing part of it.

But that has been dashed tonight with a “Rep” from the acting icon stating that Sly has now moved away from the project but wishes those involved well.

So where does that leave the franchise now?

Well its been reported for years that Stallone has planned for Rambo: Last Blood for a while, and it seemed the TV show had put a hold to that.  Those behind the small screen adaptation were interested in getting the main ingredient of the franchise on board but with that now seeming impossible and with the success of CREED (the Rocky spin off) surprising everyone at the box office, it is possible that Stallone may want to give Rambo one last hurrah as well.

In other words, a Rambo TV Show or a Rambo 5 debate could lead to the character into a limbo state for the foreseeable future…..we just have to wait and see.

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