Now this is interesting, at least to those greatly interested in movie music like myself. As many probably know, Quentin Tarantino’s soon-to-be-released The Hateful Eight finally sees Tarantino working with one of his idols whom he’s been ‘courting’ for over a decade; legendary composer Ennio Morricone [The Good The Bad And The Ugly, The Mission, Cinema Paradiso, etc]. However, a section of a transcript from an interview Tarantino did with Christopher Nolan during a DGA screening of the film reveals that Tarantino hasn’t entirely got away from his habit of using previously used music tracks for The Hateful Eight.

‘Apparently Tarantino had approached Ennio about doing the score, but Ennio had to turn him down due to a scheduling conflict. When Tarantino asked him about potential ideas for the score, Ennio mentioned that he had an unused score from John Carpenter’s The Thing. Here’s how Tarantino described what Ennio had told him’.

“I wrote a whole orchestra score for The Thing, and I wrote a whole synthesiser score, because I knew that was what John Carpenter was used to, and I gave him everything, and the only thing he used in the entire movie was the synthesiser main title track. So basically, if you stay away from the synthesiser main title, all that music that’s on the soundtrack album has never been used in a movie ever. So, he goes, ‘What I can do, is I’ll write the theme…and with the other Thing pieces of music, now you have your original score that’s never been used in a movie before.’

‘I’m going to write you more music.’ And I think he literally sat down that night and started composing the theme that he was talking about and got more inspired, and came up with more music. And then all of a sudden ten minutes of music became seventeen minutes of music, became thirty-five minutes of music. And so with that, and the unused Thing portions that I used, I’ve got my original score.”

Now, being quite ‘up’ on my Morricone, I’m going to contradict him a bit here, because around half of the orchestral music he wrote for The Thing did appear in the film, as evidenced by the now out-of-print original soundtrack album, though of course this means that a great deal of music he wrote still didn’t turn up in the movie. It seems that three tracks, which on the album are called Bestiality, Despair and Eternity, are being used. I think they’ll fit right in, considering that The Hateful Eight has Kurt Russell, isolation and mistrust all taking place in the snow.

Unfortunately, it also appears that, according to some film music forums, the track Regan’s Theme from Exorcist 2: The Heretic is also in the film, which I’m not sure would fit in so well, but we shall see…


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