It was only the other day when  I posted some news about the new Friday The 13th movie, and here we have some more for you. Firstly, director David Bruckner is now officially not linked with the project. The Wrap reported that the producers said that they didn’t think it was fair to make Bruckner wait around while another script was being written, but will come back to him once the script is ready and approved [which will probably take ages in itself]. I have the feeling that we’re not being told everything here – maybe Bruckner was the one who walked, tired of waiting for everyone to get their arses in gear – though we’ll probably find out soon enough.

However, there’s much better news. Aaron Guzikowski, who wrote the very impressive Prisoners, is in talks to write the new script. This choice has been praised ny many and the man is certainly talented but….I dunno….I can’t help but think that they’re trying too hard with this project. Should a Friday The 13th film actually be classy? The earlier films were generally cranked out in a cheap and cheerful manner but were still mostly box office hits and are still watched by many today. They seem to be trying to make Jason Voorhees respectable, and I feel that, in doing this, the feel that fans associate with a Friday The 13th film may be lost. Saying all this, I remain hopeful. I’ve been a fan of this franchise for decades – the films remain, for the most part [I can’t say that I was very keen on the last one], great guilty pleasures – and want to see Jason back on the screen damnit!

Plot details surrounding the film are still under wraps – obviously we’re not getting Found Footage or snow anymore – though producer Brad Fuller has teased that the film might explore why Jason doesn’t die [does this really need explaining though?!]. Michael Bay is producing through his Platinum Dunes banner with Andrew Form and Fuller. It’s scheduled to hit US cinemas on January 13, 2017, and will be the thirteenth Friday the 13th movie.

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