Donnie Darko Inspired Frank Slippers Review


“Why are you wearing those stupid bunny slippers?”
“Why are you wearing those stupid man feet?”

Here at HCF, we have a lot of love for Richard Kelly’s mind-bending time travel film Donnie Darko with its utterly quotable dialogue, mind-melt of a plot and it’s 6ft rabbit named Frank. It seems there’s a lot of love for the film in the outside world too as After Midnight have produced a pair of incredibly badass slippers featuring the head of everyone’s favourite bunny exclusively for unusual gadget and gift shop Firebox.


Available in one size that fits most ((up to Mens UK size 10.5) 11.25 inches in length), the Frank slippers are covered in cuddly grey tipped black faux fur with the slipper itself lined with super-soft fleece. The bunny head is quite plush inside offering a snug compartment for your foot to slide into and your toes to reside.

The pièce de résistance of the slippers, the Frank the rabbit face, which measures 8 inches in height (12 inches including the ears), is made out of black leatherette to give it a proper skin-like texture to contrast the rabbit ‘fur’ of the rest of the slipper. The ivory eyes are trimmed with white stitching whilst the rest of the face includes a plastic nose and silver embroidered teeth to create the iconic look of Donnie’s imaginary friend. The forehead of Frank even has stitched in frown lines to mimic the mask from the film. However, it’s the ears that fans will adore. Made from the same leatherette used for the face, the tall ears contain wire inside to allow you to bend and pose the ears to how you see fit. The sole of the slippers feature the standard dot grips that are used among most character slippers on the market.


I can’t get over how warm and snug these slippers are. Just ignoring the awesome Frank design for a minute and focusing on the actual product as a slipper, they’re ridiculously cosy. Now embrace the incredible Donnie Darko inspired design and they’re flawless. The label inside each slip-on slipper also gives a nod to the cult movie with the numbers 28:06:42:12, the same digits which Frank tells Donnie and which Donnie has inscribed on his arm.

“28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds. That is when the world will end”.

As long as it ends with me wearing these slippers, I’ll die a happy lass.


Shuffling around the house, the Frank slippers are quite springy and seem to grip the floor fine, be it carpet, wooden floors or lino. With it being quite cold outside, the slippers also do a great job of keeping my feet warm.

Apart from freaking the dog out who frowned at them questionably as they invaded his space, the Frank slippers have gone down a treat in my household. Even the courier delivery guy was impressed as I turned up at the door to sign for a parcel and I’m not even sure he’s familiar with the movie. Fellow fans though have been stuck for words as they gape open-mouthed at the pure awesomeness of these slippers.

I don’t know of any film fan who wouldn’t want these bad boys on their feet. They’re simply spectacular! Without a doubt, these Frank Slippers would make the ideal present for any genre loving film fan.


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