Ixtlan Artworks’ Lovecraftian Horror FROM BEYOND Enters Post-Production


Hungarian Ixtlan Artworks have announced that they’ve entered post-production on their horror film FROM BEYOND, based on the story of the same name by iconic author H.P. Lovecraft.

Ixlan Artworks decided to make a film out of one of their favourite works from the early years of Lovecraft, the short story From Beyond, which was written in 1920, but released only in 1934 in The Fantasy Fan magazine.

The filmmakers had to think of the possibilities not only as fans but producers. They tried to choose the one that includes the essence mentioned above, that could be completed without any special effects, but good pictures, good actors and impressive music, though with the possibility to present their talent on the level of visual fantasy.

The main characters of the From Beyond are Crawford Tillinghast and his friend, who tells the story in the first person of what horrible changes Prof. Tillinghast suffered. The Prof. builds an eclectic machine, with the help of which he makes our feeble or primitive senses work, enabling us to look into the deepness of Creation, ignoring time, space and dimensions. He madly builds his machinery, isolating himself from the world outside, keeping in touch with no-one. Even his servants leave him. His friend feels compelled to help him.

With hopes to premiere Summer 2016, the team have unveiled a teaser trailer to give viewers a feel for their vision for the film.

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